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Camp Extreme

Ready for a 24-hour outdoor adventure that will challenge, entertain and inspire?

Camp Extreme is calling YOU!

Join us if you dare for a combination of survival skills and adventure tasks that put kids and teens to the test. With a current maximum of 12 young people per group, every task is designed to give you hands-on experience with expert instruction from our experienced camp leaders.

It's not a military boot camp though, so don't worry - we want you to have a brilliant time meeting new people and trying some new stuff. We'll also talk about God and his big plans for your life. 

Read more about the Camp below!

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Best time of my life.

Camp Extremer, age 10



What will I learn?

Basically, loads! Get back-to-basics and learn everything from cooking to building a shelter. Who will be the best between you and your friends... ?

Practical skills

  • Safety First

  • Rescue

  • Bush Craft

  • Survival Techniques

  • Navigation

  • Team Challenges

  • Fire Starting

  • Cooking

Life skills

  • Problem Solving

  • Working in a team

  • Communication

  • Confidence Building

  • Spiritual Awareness

Who can go?

Anyone from
Primary 6 and up


Individuals who want to come on their own or with friends

Youth groups, churches, organisations

Where is it?

Scotland is a properly brilliant place to go camping. There are so many lovely spots, even when the weather is rubbish.

Our camps take place in the the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh. The terrain itself brings its own challenges. In fact, many of the special forces train at this location, so you can count yourself as proper extreme campers!



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make some memories.

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